Cyndi Lauper Has Psoriasis

“Oooooh girls just want to have fun,” and so does Cyndi Lauper. But how can she covered in psoriasis?

Queens native. Heavy accent. Singer. Songwriter. Eccentric outfit wearer. These are some of the things she’s known for, but now we can add having psoriasis to that list.

Normally, we see Cyndi as a bubbly personality bouncing off the walls with energy for days when she’s performing. However, this is a different side of her. One filled with embarrassment, confusion, and leaving her bedridden.

A few days ago People Magazine featured an amazing article about her “secret struggle,” with psoriasis. It looks like she went to great lengths to hide it, but could only do so much. In this interview she explains her silent suffering, and encourages others to do so as well!

Things that stood out (from the video+article)
First noticed it in her scalp back in 2010. Diagnosed in 2012
“Elephant Man” – term she used to describe how she felt
Tried her hand at home remedies to see if she could come up with a natural cure
Attempted to hide it in multiple ways – turtlenecks, long sleeves, makeup, wigs
At one point she had such a weak immune system that it left her bedridden and it affected her voice
Her psoriasis triggers – wine, strawberries
2015 – turned to prescription meds, salt baths and medicated creams to control it
More to – campaign she’s involved with to raise awareness for psoriasis sufferers to stop hiding.

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Image – Pixabay (CC0 Public Domain)


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