Insomniac Confessions

Insomniac Confessions

Its 3:15am and I can’t fall asleep, these are my thoughts…

// Check Out Lines \\

Is there a science to picking out the fastest check out line? If so, where do I sign up for lessons because apparently I ALWAYS pick the slowest line. Literally. Every. Single. Time.

Here are some issues people had while in line.

Target (early morning) – The screen doesn’t work at the register, causing the lady in front and myself to placed everything back into our carts and move into another line. By another line I mean behind the twenty people in front of us as the target employee stayed in that lane waiting for a technician.

CVS – An elderly woman was upset because something was placed in the wrong spot, therefore she couldn’t get the extra care discount as it didn’t apply to her item. Only one register open. The manager is MIA even after the employee used the intercom, so the employee has to look for them.

Dunkin Donuts – A woman couldn’t see the menu and needed EVERY item to be read to her. She decided to call her family and ask what they wanted and how they wanted it prepared. Apparently she’s Michelle Dugger because the amount of time that took, you would think she had 19 damn kids. It was just bizarre.

Random Rest Stop Driving On The Highway – You would have thought the Pope was in the bathroom sprinkling holy toilet water because the damn line was so long.

I know, I know its really not that big of a deal but GAAAAAAAHHH! Just don’t like waiting too long for anything.

// Older Generations \\

They must think we are NUTS! Our country has changed so much within the past few decades. It’s truly remarkable but must be so weird trying to adjust. Especially in this digital age. Although, my Grandpa has adjusted quite well as he skype’s his best friend in Spain to watch football games. He’s 89. So bizarre but incredible at the same time. Funny little world we live in.

// Clickbait \\

This Just In – Please stop with the clickbait titles!!!

Breaking News = something that happens everyday
You Won’t Believe = I read the article and its very believable
Why You Need To Know About _____ = I’d really rather not
Must Haves for _______ = are you going to pay for my must have items?
What these billionaires did to get ahead = biting my tongue on this one!
Why You Have To Travel To These 20 Places Before You Die = just rub it in for those of us that don’t get to travel often
Stop Eating This = just bought a bunch of whatever they just told me not to buy
What You’re Doing Wrong And How To Stop = Basically everything you’re doing is wrong

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