Excessive Salt Leads to Bad Skin

Great article that was written by Nsikan Akpan, on how table salt plays a huge factor in damaging our skin. This is interesting because a lot of American food has hidden salt.

One interesting fact that I learned is the there are around 31.6 million cases of eczema in the US, and it rivals diabetes in inflammatory ailments.

According to a German study, eczema could be due to excessive table salt in our diets. The study reveals the T-helper cells (part of our immune system) running amok with too much salt. This potentially leads to T-helper cells causing hyperactive inflammation and breed allergy-based illnesses, such as arthritis, asthma, and eczema.

As far as eczema, hyperactive T-helper cells directly affects our skin. In fact, the study found the salt consumption was 30 times higher with those suffering from eczema as opposed to ‘normal skin’.

Additionally, researchers have noticed the changes in our environment and diet have led to an increase in allergies. Which ultimately could be linked to higher levels of salt.

“According to [Finkelstein’s] personal observations, a salt-restricted diet leads to improvement of atopic dermatitis in children,” Zielinski said. “Atopic dermatitis” is the technical term for the chronic, allergy-version of eczema — which makes up nearly 60 percent of all eczema cases.

To read more about this article and the effects of salt, check out the source below.

Source: https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/can-too-much-salt-lead-to-bad-skin

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