This story is so horrible and cruel. Its SOO important for parents to teach their kid(s) the devastating effects of people with severe conditions, as well as bullying.

  • Karan Cheema a 13 year old boy from Greenford, West London, died at the hands of bullied due to his severe allergies!
  • He suffered from eczema, asthma and allergies which included: wheat, all dairy, gluten, eggs and all nuts.
  • Karan was an avid reader, very independent and popular
  • His mother, Ms Cheema made sure to contact the school in the beginning of September to inform them of his allergies.
  • In addition, Ms Cheema emphasized the fact that Karan knew the dangers of his allergies.
  • His allergies were so severe he had his own microwave and refrigerator.
  • A classmate came forward on social media and said students shoved cheese down his throat, which caused the anaphylactic shock – Karan was rushed to the hospital but it was too late.
  • A teenage boy has been arrested for suspicion of attempted murder

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