Missguided ss Launching a Body Positive Campaign

Now, this is what I love to see! Companies are finally tapping into a market for those of us with skin ailments. We’ve been on the photoshop expressway for years and it’s just time for a change. The level of body dysmorphia and deception has skyrocketed and truly heartbreaking.

Missguided recently launched a body positivity campaign featuring women with different skin conditions. Their message is to celebrate flaws and imperfections. Although, what I really like about the campaign the exposure to different skin conditions. There’s a stigma around skin conditions that they are all contagious. This simply isn’t true. While some may be, the majority are not. It’s important for the public to see that people without perfect skin do and can exist on advertisements and in campaigns.

The stories are incredible and definitely worth reading.


Source – https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/a20631293/missguided-launches-in-your-own-skin-campaign-body-positivity/?src=socialflowTW


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