Your Royal Dryness – 7 Skin Facts Amongst the Royal (and soon to be) Family

In honor of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Royal Wedding tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about skin within the Royal family. While most of us couldn’t hold a candle to their lineage and prestige, a commonality can be found in our skin. Whether that be skin conditions, skin tone or showing too much skin.

  1. Kate Middleton has eczema! Sadly, she was bullied for it at private boarding school.
  2. Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry all have/had bouts of rosacea which is found to be inherited.
  3. Meghan Markle is not the first Biracial/Black woman to join the British Royal Family. Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz the wife of King George III, was directly descended from Margarita de Castro y Sousa, a black branch of the Portuguese Royal House.
  4. Princess Diana understood the importance of a good skincare routine, and strictly adhered to it.
  5. In 2003 Queen Elizabeth had benign skin lesions removed on her face, while she was getting knee surgery due to a torn cartilage.
  6. Blue Blood which dates back to the 1500s was coined with the intentions of keeping the bloodline racially superior favoring those with pale skin and blue veins.
  7. Handshakes are the only skin to skin contact one should have when greeting the royals, as it is proper protocol. Although this rule has been broken many times over.

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