Why It’s Officially Time For Educators to Provide Support for Students With Eczema

Thanks to the digital revolution, we’re seeing the landscape of schooling change at a rapid pace. New and innovative technologies continue to emerge to help students of all ages learn and thrive. However, despite these new tools, many students struggle in the classroom because of health issues outside their control. Living with eczema severely impacts someone’s ability to learn, get a proper night’s rest, and feel motivated to participate in group activities.

Additionally, dealing with irritated skin and fighting off stereotypes and stigma about their eczema can be distracting and even debilitating. Their classmates–and their teachers–may not know eczema isn’t contagious and has nothing to do with hygiene. Students may be bullied because of their appearance, or struggle to pay attention when their skin is itchy and irritated. Teachers and school administrations from preschool to college need to be prepared to provide support, accommodations, and resources to people with eczema so they can thrive in and out of the classroom.

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