When Eastern Medicine met Western Labs Kamedis was born.

Discovering small business owners in the eczema space is like Christmas in July, literally. And a huge benefit of this particularly small company is that they apply their talent towards the products and energy towards customers!

Before we get started you should know, as a small business Kamedis prides itself on giving back by supporting the farmers and communities where their botanical are grown and harvested.

Roni Kramer is a passionate entrepreneur who studied traditional Chinese medicine and knew exactly what she wanted to incorporate into her companies products. Balance! Through gained knowledge about botanicals, she learned how ingredients play a major role in our body’s balanced chemistry. 

In 2003, Kramer founded Kamedis, which means innovative medicine. Kamedis isn’t your typical skin care company, it operates as an R&D (research and development), that manufactures and produces high-quality therapeutic products for skin conditions.


When dealing with a skin condition, Kamedis understood outside elements aren’t in your control, so they focused on creating products that to repair the skin as it is too weak to heal itself. The process included working with practitioners of alternative medicine, dermatologists, and researchers to make sure their products don’t just work on your skin but with your skin. 

Their products are made without – made without Benzoyl Peroxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens, steroids, dyes, coal tar, or any unnecessary additives.


Throughout the week, I’ve been fortunate to test out their Eczema Kit – Maximum Relief. Which was exactly what I needed after a stressful week and tremendous flare-ups. 

This particular kit includes eczema therapy cream, eczema therapy wash, and calming lotion. 


I tried the eczema therapy wash first because I was due for a shower and figured it would be best to cleanse my skin before testing out the others. What I loved about this wash that it’s SOAP FREE and non-drying. When you have eczema, sometimes soap can be the devil. This gel created the perfect amount of foam and was so incredibly soothing on my broken cracked skin. 

Next, I tried the eczema therapy cream, which had a very earthy scent that smelled like an herbs store. The cream was a light brown color and absorbed very well onto my skin tone. I loved how it didn’t leave residue and was soothing after a lukewarm shower. 

Lastly, I tried the calming lotion because it was a smaller tube and I figured I would save it for a severe breakout. Which of course occurred on my hands, in particle the thumb/palm area. I was a little nervous as I figured it might sting, but that wasn’t the case at all. It glided nicely onto my problem area without any aftershock.

Overall, I enjoyed each product separately for their multifunctional benefits and just knowing that there were good intentions behind them. 

These products are safe for children and babies as well, so that’s always a huge bonus in my book! 

To find out more about the company and its products: check out the link below! 

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