The Eczema Company

The Eczema Company
The Eczema Company

The Eczema company was created by Jennifer Roberge, who wanted to help those suffering from eczema. Her son Tristan suffers from eczema and she’s experienced the trials and tribulations of dealing with eczema. This includes trying to finding solutions, sleepless nights and intense itching.

I’ve had the pleasure of testing out two of her products and I absolutely LOVE them. 

Emily Soap

Her Emily unscented skin soothing soap is incredible! Its so nourishing! The soap soothes dry, chapped, red, rough, flaking and irritated skin. Best part is that it is cruelty free and all natural. Order it here

Bamboo Eczema Gloves

LOVE! These gloves are sooooooo soft and feel wonderful on achy raw hands. Its a thin yet sturdy glove that prevents scratching and protection. Its made of biodegradable bamboo and works for psoriasis, eczema or any hand rash. It uses a cooling fabric that is also great fro dry or wet wrap. You can purchase them here

To learn more – visit their awesome store and see the plethora of products they sell.

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