New Study Links Eczema with ADHD

Article Highlights

  • Beer Sheva’s Soroka Medical Center – Children with eczema have a 75% chance of being diagnosed with ADHD than children without eczema
  • Proper treatment of eczema can increase the child’s quality of life
  • Ensure that the skin is moist
  • Study – included 1,740 children between age 0-18. 940 with eczema / 900 without eczema
  • Those with eczema had a 7.1% rate of ADHD diagnosis
  • Those without eczema had 4.1% rate of ADHD diagnosis
  • Founding was published in Acta Dermatovenerologica Croatica (ADC) scientific journal

The results of this study show that atopic dermatitis, ‘skin asthma,’ is not just a disease which influences…the skin, but other things as well


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