Navigating the Dating World When You Have Eczema

“And they lived scratchily ever after…” would be the perfect ending to my romantic eczema fairytale. But life isn’t a fairytale, of course, and eczema can seem like an obstacle on the path to meeting your person.

Recently, I’ve noticed an influx of articles in which couples reveal what it’s like being in a serious relationship or married to someone with eczema. However, when it comes to dating with eczema, the wealth of resources is nonexistent. As someone who’s lived with eczema for decades–and who’s trying not to let eczema get in the way of her love life–I’ve got lots of tips to fill this gap. I have learned a lot through the years, and I’m letting my guard down and contributing some helpful advice based on my experiences.

Whether you swipe left or right, dating with eczema doesn’t have to be scary. So silence that nagging voice filled with self-doubt. You know, the one questioning if someone will be accepting of your skin condition. The answer is YES! I’ve teamed up with @healthgrades to help you put your best foot forward by dishing out helpful dating advice. Check out the full article by clicking on the link below.

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