Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall – The future of health is at your “beck and call”

Smart Mirrors are the future! ‘Virtual Health’ is becoming the new norm and will continue to thrive due to the practicality of having access through a mirror. (I’ll be on the lookout for a mirror that can assess skin health, conditions, and diseases.) After researching online, I’ve found some pretty innovative mirrors that you should definitely keep your eye on if you’re interested…

Mango Mirror Smart Mirror – Reflects your health, life, and world

Mango Mirror was inspired by multiple trips to the hospital as family members dealt with severe health issues. The founder Dave Dabier had an epiphany one day while watching a relative check their vitals. 1. How to take better care of himself? 2. There has to be an easier way to track and monitor data.

Mirror – On-demand fitness through furniture

Mirror was founded by Brynn Putnam a former ballerina and chain boutique fitness owner. As a ballerina, Brynn was constantly training and self-correcting her form and posture in front of mirrors. She mentions there’s no better feedback than seeing yourself in the mirror. Taking fitness classes through Mirror help you self-correct to optimize your workout. The mirror has an onboard camera and microphone that allows the trainers to see you. It also includes live group interactive classes, where you can communicate with others.

Tammax Smart Mirror – Digital Concierge TV mirror

This start of the art mirror allows you to hide your tv and touchscreen android through its waterproof mirror. Created in Hong Kong, this sleek state of the art mirror has been featured in homes, hotels, and buildings around the world.

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