Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Extremely informative video about the ‘salt battle’ and why Himalayan Salt is important.

A few Highlights:

  • When manufacturers decrease the salt in food, they increase artificial flavorings such as MSG which is a lot worse than salt
  • Feels as if salt has demonized – when in fact salt is vital
  • Salt is used for flavor, and to preserve meats and dairy for storage and transport
  • Salt means holy or sacred
  • The Japanese have one of the highest salt intakes in the world, they also have a higher life expectancy
  • Salt is essential, but people don’t realize there’s a difference in salts
  • Table salt and natural salt are two different things

Some Benefits of Himalayan Salt –

  • Regulate and maintain blood pressure
  • Vital for our nervous system
  • chloride helps aid in the growth of your brain

To find out more, check out the video…

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