4 Misconceptions About Eczema

4 Misconceptions About Eczema

1. Its a bird, its a plane, its eczema thats CONTAGIOUS! Yup, and you’re all going to get it. Muahahahahhahahahah!! Just kidding. Relax, eczema is NOT contagious. Some confuse contact dermatitis with being able to spread eczema by coming into contact with it. I know this myth firsthand, because someone asked me. But this is simply not true. Contact Dermatitis is caused by an outside substance coming into contact with your skin. This causes irritation thus forms eczema. Example – dyes, nickel, lotions etc.

2. Eczema can be cured with Steroids! Ummm…

 (It only treats eczema, but does not cure it)

3. Your diet doesn’t affect eczema. Oh but it does. Your health is EVERYTHING when it comes to eczema. Will eliminating a food group cure eczema? The answer is debatable, but diet is important. You have to become Bill Nye The Science Guy and weed out your food triggers. This could be a range of things from peanuts/nuts, seafood, gluten, soy products, dairy, sugars, processed foods etc. It’s a big game of Clue. “I believe it was Professor Soy Milk who used a candlestick in the kitchen to cause my eczema to start burning!”

4. Moisturizers keep the skin completely moisturized and hydrated. Nope! Creams, lotions, oils, balms, etc. only seal the water to prevent it from evaporating. Think of it this way. When you’re cooking a turkey you constantly use a turkey baster to keep it from going dry. If the turkey is not basted with the juices from the pan, it dries out. In order to avoid this, you need to keep reapplying.

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