10 Things You Should Know About This Blog…

10 Things

1. Four score and seven beers ago, our drunk fathers… just kidding. Welcome Everybody!

2. My skin condition is classified as Atopic Dermatitis, which is the #rideordie type of eczema. However, I’m just going to refer to it as either AD or eczema for short.

3. Sviow Urrle Mqwoa Ojcnw Aynzi Bfril Peeii Qsnrp Mftvx Sprgh Zkdeo Loggw Plexf  Can’t figure it out can you? That’s because it doesn’t make any sense! And neither does my eczema.

4. Unlike Brian Williams (sorry Brian, I still love ya) my stores are true. These are personal stories.

5. Do you have… acne so severe that it looks like flesh eating bacteria? Is your skin pigmentation different colors of the rainbow? Could your excessive veins map out all 50 states? As you can see, my blog is not limited to eczema sufferers. I see people with visible skin issues all the time. I know exactly what they are going through. #YouAreNotAlone

6. There will be animation! Check my youtube channel at the bottom of my blog. Just scroll down. 

7. How to read this blog

Scar Wars – Personal stories

Insomniac Confessions – Sometimes I can’t sleep, these are my thoughts.

Skinfo – Any information about skin that I find interesting. (Articles, videos, skin care products, medicines etc.)

Guess Who? – Famous people who have any sort of skin condition

(I will add more categories in the future. Stay tuned…)

8. I recognize eczema is not life threatening and there are lots of incurable illnesses in the world. This blog is not intended to compare myself to anybody else. We all go through obstacles. Eczema happens to be mine. I just want to bring laughter into the hearts of skin sufferers.


Eczema =







10. Its 2015. We have a company dedicated to colonizing mars (SpaceX). Teenagers who invented condoms that change colors when an STI/STD is detected. Companies that have revolutionized bionic and prosthetic limbs, bitcoins, drones, language translators, self driving cars, 3D printers, jet packs and a plethora of other things. These are highly impressive, game-changing inventions. So I am 100% convinced we can find out what actually causes eczema and how to cure it. #LetsFindACure 

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