The Red Rash – A SKINoween Tale

Halloween is known
As the most terrifying night of the year
Little do people know
Its the Red Rash they should fear

Not everyone gets it
But those that do
Should run for their lives
Because there’s no curing you

It lurks around day or night
And starts as a itchy patch
Once it finds a victim
It grabs on and will not detach

Young or old
Small or tall
The Red Rash
Will come for any, and all

Dry skin, intense itching and inflammation
Just to name a few
Are some of the signs and symptoms
The Red Rash has gotten to you

Now that you have the Red Rash
Life will never be the same
Start saying your prayers
This is a wild beast to tame

If you thought that was all
Pay attention because there’s more
Blisters, weeping, cracks or peeling
Can leave your skin wounded and sore

The vicious Red Rash can appear anywhere
From your head to your toes
Including your scalp or knees
And most noticeably your nose

This is very frightening
Does the Red Rash have a name?
Yes, its called Eczema or Dermatitis
And they are one in the same

If someone gets eczema
How do they cope?
By avoiding their triggers
Like dust mites, fragrances and soaps

There are many creams and lotions
That you can use
But its best to be careful
Of the ones you so choose

Some can be helpful
However, there are those that are not
It can leave your skin completely damaged
Worse then ever thought

Having eczema is tough
You must learn to deal with peoples stares
It may leave you sad and depressed
As if no one cares

How do we stop this evil eczema
What is one to do?
Well, eczema is manageable
But there is no known cure for me or you

Chronic eczema is consider highly dangerously
Worse then any ghost or witch
Instead of casting a spell
It plagues you with awful itch

Can we prevent evil eczema?
Only time can tell
But for now have a Happy Halloween
So long, stay warm and farewell

Happy SKINoween

2 thoughts on “The Red Rash – A SKINoween Tale

    1. So right now I’m using Dove repair balm (it’s an ointment like texture) and then placing cotton gloves on to seal the moisture. It’s a bit tough now because of how often I’m washing my hands. But it doesn’t have any fragrance and it’s sticky.

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