Insomniac Confessions

Insomniac Confessions
Insomniac Confessions

Sometimes I can’t sleep… these are my confessions.

// Lottery Winners \\
Absolutely love that the first lottery winners seems like sweet people. Couldn’t have gone to a nicer family. Love how they mentioned one of the first things they are going to do is pay off their daughters student loans. I know exactly how that feels…minus the ($528.8 million lol). #thestruggleisreal

// When you have chronic eczema (and going through TSW) in 2016 and THERE IS STILL NO CURE \\

// Simple Sugars \\
For those of you that read my post about Simple Sugars a few months ago, here is an update. – the first 15 minutes…

// Forbes 30 Under 30 \\
Love Love Love reading these stories!! So inspirational

Source –

// Cher \\
Cher. Is. Awesome.

// 6 Ways You’re Ruining your $100 leggings \\
Article –
Common Sense – 
After reading this… its pretty clear, you should NEVER buy $100 leggings. WTF. Please put your money to better use. Yes, this includes those that have $100 to spend. I promise there are better things out there for you to spend it on.

// YouTube Star Gets His Own Network From Disney \\
Oh the power of youtube, good for this guy. This is pretty big deal.

// Adult Acne \\
I don’t wanna grow up…cause I’m a toys r Us kid!

// TheSkimm \\
Kinda Obsessed.
ign up..

// Find something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life \\
…… no. just no.

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