Insomniac Confessions

Insomniac Confessions
Insomniac Confessions

Sometimes I can’t sleep…these are my thoughts!

// TV \\
There’s a whole world of us insomniacs who are literally up at night wondering about life. For some bizarre reason TV networks think we want to watch informercials about weight loss, miracle water and refinancing our homes.

// Words We Need To Retire in 2016 \\
Fleek, #Squad, Twerking, THOT

// Leap Year \\
I was thinking about this the other night. Leap Year. We have it every four years, but no one really explains it in depth. So incase you were wondering what it all means, here ya go. 

// Grease Live \\
I am so impressed with the Grease Live on Fox. It really brought back memories and the cast was phenomenal. And thank you for anding diversity into the cast. Bravo!

// Grandma Turns 3-Mile Walk Into Crusade Against Litter \\

“He always said I got my masters in liter instead of library” ~ Larie McKeever’s husband

Larie does not like liter! So every day when she goes for her 3-mile walk she picks it up. Sometimes the smallest stories will make you smile. This happens to be one of them. 

// Gravity-Defying Dancer \\

Polish athlete Maja Kuczynska who is only 16 performs an incredible routine to Sia – Chandelier. This. Is. Insane.

// Weather \\
The weather in the Northeast has been so bizarre in the last couple of months. 

// 14 Reasons Why The Puppy Bowl Is Better Than The Superbowl \\
I 100% agree. 

// Seltzer Bad For Teeth \\
Oh Great…

// Obsessed With This Song \\
I literally can’t get it out of my head.

// Billions \\
My new favorite show. Its complicated but it really sucks you in. Paul Giamatti plays the hell out of his character. The whole casting is superb. The story lines are so sick and twisted, which means I’m all for it.

// This Is Soooooo Sad \\

until next time….

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