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So what do you do when the largest organ in your body says f*** you? Let me introduce myself. I’m Ashley and I have a Ph.D. in Scratching. Yup! You read that correctly, I have a Ph.D. in Scratching. I was accepted into the University of Eczema at the age of two and have been enrolled in it ever since. I’ve studied courses such as: Inflammation 101, Rash Decisions and Itch Management. Now, I would love to tell you more about myself, but like Donald Trump and Kanye West my skin tends to steal the spotlight. It has a mind of its own and does what it wants when it wants. In other words my skin is the true personality and by exploring my blog you will get to know more about it… oh and me as well.

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  1. Holy Crap Itchin Gal. I am just now reading this again..
    Do you still have eczema? Text me your address (919) 922-1818, and
    Karla, I hope you checked us out and got Derma Relief and Rescue Salve- those 2 will (95%) stop the itch.
    Yes, I was told by a Burmese friend that I said sorry too much. Since then, I keep it to a minimum 🙂 And then a friend said “You are not a sorry person!” and that brought it to an end.
    Growth… has led me to understand that one of the causes of eczema is that there could be congestion of the liver and kidney. They are not flushing out toxins as well as they should be, and toxins build up in the bloodstream and have nowhere to go… Your skin of course, your Largest organ, immediately gets to work on getting those toxins out of your body.. and there is your eczema.

    So work on flushing out your system. Especially the systems that are getting backed up or imbalanced. Imbalanced, like those with APD where progesterone levels rise 3- 10 days prior to the onset of menstrual flow. The condition then eases when progesterone levels drop during the menstrual period. Women with irregular periods may not have this clear correlation, thus making diagnosis more difficult. This type of eczema runs in families that have asthma or hay fever. There is an herbal tea for balancing hormones too!
    *Atopic dermatitis can also be environmental allergies.
    *Detergents & Cleaners
    *Nickel (in jewelry)
    *Aspartame (toxic sugar) – causes itchy rash but not eczema.
    *Processed Food and Food coloring – I eliminate high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils (causes heart attacks), colors, preservatives.
    *Food Allergy – Dairy, the whites – sugar, rice, bread.. Nightshade vegetables – potatoes, tomatos, .
    When testing, be ready to give up all possible allergens for 6 weeks, then slowly re-introduce them into your system, one a week. Keep a dietary journal. You will find your culprit.
    I would start to eliminate gluten first. When one is said to have a Gluten allergy (found in wheats, etc.), the detriment is that it blocks your body from receiving much needed minerals it needs to perform properly.
    *Take high doses of vitamin D
    *Drink Calendula tea – high in lutein, for eyes/skin/liver
    *Stress – Scalp Stimulator is an automatic stress relief.

    Bathe with A gentle wash like Super Shea. Don’t shower more than needed. Water should be warm and not hot. Dry off, leaving yourself very slightly damp. Apply Derma Relief everywhere and Rescue Salve on flare ups.
    Derma relief and Rescue Salve have minimal ingredients. Both have infused herbs in oils and Rescue Salve has the addition of Beeswax. The power of herbs are amazing. Herbal teas are slow and steady, as natural as we can get – and my goodness they are powerful.
    And that is what keeps me connected to mother earth. On my journey of discovering natural remedies, I have become astonished by essential oils – I had to start sourcing from organic farmers myself- I couldn’t find any organic oils on the market. I became certified in Reiki and Archangelic Light Healing Modalities. Ho! I also offer Skincare Consultations. Schedule your appointment!

    I’m super excited for the future, regardless of the political climate..
    I can go on for days. Hope this helps everyone who reads it.
    PS: Deny Plastic in all you do

  2. Hi Ashley,
    I am very sorry to hear your battle with eczema has lasted so long. My daughter developed eczema when she turned 6 months old. I decided to look for natural alternatives and eventually decided to make my own. It worked for her. 6 years later I created a company for those with sensitive skin and eczema.. I even have something especially for hand eczema called Rescue Salve. I even created an eczema box that takes offers a tea to help cleanse the gut and liver. You can see the products on and I would love to see if the products work for you.

    1. Hi Sajata,

      Thanks so much for reaching out.

      Don’t be sorry lol my eczema is not your fault! lol
      That’s so unfortunate that your daughter has eczema as well. Good for you for looking for natural alternatives. I wish my parents did that. I would love test out your Rescue Salve. An eczema box sounds like a genius idea, after typing this I can’t wait to check out your website.

    2. Hello!! I developed a rash, 10 years ago, the dermatologist didn’t tell me what it was but gave me a cream that he fabricated, it worked like a miracle, every time I get a small itch (it was on my arms, my elbow the front part lol) I would put a little bit of that cream and gone by the next day… Anyways, 3 months ago, I got another rash in a different part of my body (my eyelids), then my lips, then my neck, back, shoulder and first according to a dermatologist it was allergies, but then the allergist said nope, no allergies, so I ended up with another dermatologist and a biopsy and guess what??? I have eczema!!! So now, every other day I just want to get a knife and cut that part of my body because it F#$^ng itches… the other days I just ignore it… But now I am looking for options to treat me because my face and eyes and lips and mind, cannot take it anymore lol…
      Thank you for creating this blog, it has been a lot of help!!!

      1. Hi Karla,

        Thanks so much for reading my blog!! Ugh, isn’t eczema the worse?

        It’s hard because every single case of eczema is a different. I have moderate to severe and most ‘treatments’ sadly, don’t work for me.

        I’m sorry that you discovered you have eczema so much later in life, and yes I agree a knife to cut certain parts of my body to prevent itching would be wonderful.

        Hmmm, face eczema could be a combination of things, makeup with chemicals, the detergent you use for your pillow, cold/hot weather, change in the weather, dust from heating vents, foods, seasonal allergies, possibly perfume or scents in the atmosphere or at work…etc.

        You are so welcome, I really am trying to make eczema more known and spread the word. 🙂

  3. Hi Ashley,

    I’m currently working on a patients tips piece for our eczema guide and would love to include your insight. Could you please email me?

    Thank you!


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