Oh Happy Daaaaaaaaaaay!!

Ooooh Happy Daaaaaay!!
Ooooh Happy Daaaaaay!!


While everyone is excited about the 1.3 billion dollar Powerball

I’m ecstatic about being featured in It’s An Itchy Little World’s blog yesterday. Whoop Whoop. Go read it, I promise I’m not boring :p

For those of you that know, I wrote about It’s An Itchy Little World in my 9 Awesome Bloggers post. Jennifer is the blogger behind It’s An Itchy Little World where she talks about the triple threats – Allergies, Asthma and Eczema. Not only does she provide useful information but she has her own company called The Eczema Company, which is all about you guessed it eczema!!

Absolutely loving 2016 already!!

*Ready to find a cure for this eczema… still not giving up!!

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