18 Eczema Tips in 2018

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! I’m not sure if you’re aware, but eczema is still kind of a thing!

It should have gone out of style in 2017 like fully contoured faces, but sadly it’s still here. Any who, in the meantime check out these 18 helpful eczema tips.

  1. If you have eczema you should be drinking water. LOTS OF WATER. H20 is the way to go
  2. If you haven’t made your house/apartment/home eczema friendly, what are you waiting for? Here’s a great guide to follow – https://www.rockabyeparents.com/make-your-house-eczema-and-allergy-friendly/
  3. Eat clean – here are 13 foods that are good for eczema http://topeczematreatments.com/13-super-foods-good-for-eczema/
  4. Keep track of your skin flare-ups, it’s important to write down what’s triggering your eczema. Whether it’s food, detergents, dust-mites, weather etc. make sure you can identify what the cause is
  5. Exercise! This is great for your mind, body and health. If sweat is one of your triggers, find moderate exercises that will prevent you from sweating, while still getting your body moving
  6. Keep stress to a minimum
  7. If possible take a bath in dead sea salt or epson salt – its feels great on eczema and reduces itchiness
  8. Wash your bedsheets and pillowcases weekly
  9. Keep your nails short – scratching your skin away is never good
  10. Practice positive affirmations, as eczema can affect your day depending on how bad it is
  11. Connect with someone who has eczema, after all “We’re all in this together”
  12. Work on becoming more confident – accept your eczema by understanding that the majority of the world is NOT superficial and everyone has flaws
  13.  Sleep <– Never underestimate the power of sleep, especially if you want glowing or ‘normal’ skin…well as normal as your eczema will allow
  14. Be prepared – Anytime you leave the house you should always be prepared for a flare-up to strike at any moment. Have creams, lotions etc with you at all times. (especially if you’re traveling)
  15. Cook – nothing better than cooking your own meals, especially if you’re allergic to a lot of different ingredients that may trigger hives.
  16. Understand your eczema – know when you handle the eczema flare-up yourself, or when it’s time to seek medical attention
  17. Work on patience – eczema is FRUSTRATING, but getting angry won’t help. Practice patience, when dealing with your skin
  18. Take the time to appreciate other skin conditions, eczema is just one in millions of different skin conditions. Expand your knowledge and get to know someone else’s story

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