Wonder: Choose Kind

~ R.J. Palacio Author of Wonder

After watching an inspiring interview with author R.J. Palacio

I decided to read her book called Wonder… and write a brief book review, which can be found here.

Fast forward a year later, and I’m wiping tears away from my eyes after seeing the movie a few nights ago.

I was really drawn to this movie and in particular August Pullman’s character. What I loved was his sense of humor. In the beginning of the movie he mentioned people judge him on his face. So in return he always looks down and judges them on their shoes. It was pretty hilarious.

Another element I love about this story is how they’re incorporating it into schools, which is fantastic.

Although this movie is marketed to children/teens, I think it’s important for adults to see it too! Especially because it shows how Auggie’s bully comes from a wealthy family who use their power, prestige and money to try and bully the superintendent at Beecher Prep (his school).

If you’re debating whether to see this movie, GO SEE IT. I HIGHLY recommend it, regardless of your age. I was simply brilliant and has a great cast of talented actors.

For those that want an in-depth review, check out schmoesknow review as they did a great job analyzing Wonder.

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