Winter = Ear Canal Eczema

Is anyone else suffering from a severe case of Winter Ear Canal Eczema?

Every winter the dry weather wreak havoc on my ears. With a swipe of a tissue or q-tip (yes, I know you aren’t supposed to use them for your ears) it’s like I’ve dug in a gold mine. Except the gold happens to be filled with gross crusty boulders.

So what are the symptoms of ear canal eczema:

  • Thick crusty skin layered in your ear
  • Scaly texture
  • Tends to be red or brown
  • Itchy and/or cracked
  • Possible discharge

Some Causes:

  • Dry Winter weather
  • Build up of products irritating your ear
  • Cell phone usage
  • Earring
  • Indoor heating units drying your ears out

Helpful Solutions:

  • Find the source that’s causing your ears to become drier than usual
  • Keep your ears properly cleaned
  • Make sure you moisturize with a proper cream, ointment, or oil drops
  • Use mild soaps and/or other products when taking a shower
  • Contact doctors for ear drop solution

If your ears are start to burn, or if you’re feeling a strong ache then it’s important to contact your doctors or the hospital as it might be severely infected.


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