Dazed Digital is a online magazine I recently discovered after an article was published by Amanda Ng on her eczema.

In this article, Amanda mentions celebrities highlighting their skin conditions. At the forefront is one of the most common skin conditions, acne as this is a staple in most teenagers lives.

Since acne has such a stronghold in the media, she questions where the open dialogue is for eczema and less talked about skin conditions.

Beyond the physical discomfort, AD can have huge impacts on one’s social life, psychological health and general wellbeing. Despite existing charities and helplines such as the National Eczema Society,  a 2018 study found that people with eczema are 36% more likely to attempt suicide

There’s a huge mental health aspect of eczema that isn’t really talked about, only the latest ways to physically treat it.

Eczema sufferers are affected every single day, from avoiding irritants, allergens, to the physical pain of our skin cracked, oozing, and blistering. Not to mention the costly prescriptions and medications to the sleep deprivation.

Then there’s a general perception that you can never be beautiful if you have these patches of dry, crumbling skin all over your face and body. All this needs to change. How? Through education, awareness, people speaking out about it and visibility given to people who have it so as to normalise eczema within mainstream culture. We need to challenge the perception that those who have less than perfect skin can never equate to what society deems as “beautiful”.

She calls for those in the eczema community to have a body positive movement to shine light on people with eczema.

Personally, I do think there have been some great campaigns that have highlighted eczema such as the Dove DermaSeries Campaign. But I do agree, about showcasing eczema more body positive way.

Source: https://www.dazeddigital.com/beauty/body/article/43241/1/why-we-need-to-talk-about-eczema

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