Why Most MDs Don’t Know About Treating Disease With Nutrients – Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

In 1976, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright had accumulated 50,000 research papers about natural substances as an alternative treatment for health-related issues.

In this video, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright discusses how he helped two patients with their conditions all by referencing outside resources from his medical studies.

I admire his honesty about certain portions of the medical industry.

So we have close to 100,000 references from scientific journals that tell us about diet, vitamins, minerals, botanicals, natural energies, and so forth and their influence on health. So don’t let anybody ever tell you that this isn’t scientific. There’s just tons of science. It’s just that nobody pays attention to it because I’m sorry folks, it isn’t patentable. And if you can’t patent it, you can’t make big bucks. And I think we all know that the trend in, lets call it regular medicine, right now is for the newest patent medicines to be more expensive, more expensive, more expensive. ~ Dr. Jonathan V. Wright

Source – http://tahomaclinic.com/medical-staff-2/dr-jonathan-v-wright/

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