What’s Your Severity Score?

While the world is out of control, it’s time for you to get in control…of your eczema that is. If you haven’t seen my post about the Eczemaless app, you can check it out here http://www.itchinsince87.com/skin-info/eczemaless-the-coolest-ai-eczema-app.

Due to the excessively washing my hands, I’m not sure if I actually have fingerprints left. As my hands have been put through the wringer, I’ve decided to start tracking their severity.

The severity score is a feature on the Eczemaless app that allows you to submit an image of any body part. Once submitted, it uses an algorithm that places your damaged skin on a scale. You’ll want to use this feature throughout the week to see your progress or lack thereof.

Once you can access the situation for yourself, you can strategize a care plan to manage your skin. The feature is super simple with a very nice and user-friendly layout.

To check out more, download the app – https://eczemaless.com/

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