WESTLAB Dead Sea Salt & Dead Sea Mud

People ALWAYS ask me what I do to manage my eczema. I’ll be the first person to tell you, I’ve tried just about everything. Mostly trial and error.

However, in the past few years one method that’s really helped my eczema is bath salts. Now, most of us don’t have the luxury of living near this –

So we opt for the next best thing, Dead Sea salt. I am a HUGE and I mean HUGEEEE fan of dead sea salt baths, as this has been my go-to method of dealing with eczema thus far.

I was thrilled when I heard about Westlab’s Dead Sea salt line and how their company was created to help those suffering with eczema.

Westlab is a UK based company created in 2004. Their mission was to help treat their sons eczema naturally. I love this. Hearing about a family creating a solution to a problem having to do with eczema makes me so happy. Those of us who’ve suffered for a long time were constantly reliant on steroids, which are bad over extended period of time.

If you take a peek at their website, you’ll see in the About section, they give a very informative timeline of The Origins of Salt.

Not only is their product for those with sensitive skin, it also helps with; sports and repair, stress and sleep, and cleansing and detox.

Westlab’s products include:
Pure Salts – Epson salt, Himalayan salt, Kids dead sea bath salt, Dead sea salt, Magnesium Flakes, Dead Sea Mud
Supersalts – Dead Sea, Humalayan, Epson
Food Salts – Himalayan

The best part (besides the product itself of course) is that it’s SUPER affordable!! No really, check out the prices.

This company is the real deal and I will be a returning customer as I live for natural bath salts!!

Check out Westlab’s website and social media below –

Website: https://www.westlab.us/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/westlabusa/?hl=en 


*Disclosure – Westlab has kindly gifted me free products, as mentioned in the post.

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