Vogue is Highlighting Eczema… Times Are Definitely Changing!

Never in a million years did I think a high-end editorial magazine such as VOGUE would discuss topics such as eczema. Especially after reading how the fashion industry is run, but times are truly changing. Not to be all sentimental but after watching The September Issue, The Devil Wears Prada and numerous other fashion movies and documentaries, I was thrilled when I saw the headline.

I’m a huge believer in editorials covering all different topics that could potentially relate to their specific market. So kudos to the editor who approved of this story and of course the writer Alexandra Macon.

This article features a woman who recalls her only encounter with eczema was through tv commercials until her 3-year-old Catherine was diagnosed.

Catherine’s eczema was worse in the “weakened” spots such as the folds of her elbows, back of her knees and her toes. She also experienced the all too familiar sleepless nights due to her skin annoyance.

After trying Benadryl, Neosporin, cortisone, coconut oil baths and various lotions nothing seemed to work long term.

It wasn’t until she was recommended to switch her fragrant detergent to Dove unscented that things started to look up. That’s when she discovered Dr. Levine on the Upper East Side.

Dr. Jody Levine educated her about eczema, its causes and how it affects each person differently. After advising her to figure out her daughter’s triggers, she was instructed to follow the proper skin care maintenance. She used a combination of different moisturizers, ointments and left with the feeling of better understanding that there is no cure for eczema. However, you can work on controlling it and keeping it at bay.

Overall, this was a great article for parents who children deal with eczema the ONLY gripe I have is the steroid part. I would NEVER EVER recommend anyone take them to help their eczema (speaking for 20+ years of experience taking them).

I wish Catherine nothing but the best and hopefully, there will be a cure for eczema, so children won’t have to endure the awfulness of living with it.

Source – https://www.vogue.com/article/how-to-treat-eczema-dry-skin-health-lotions-oils-steroids

4 thoughts on “Vogue is Highlighting Eczema… Times Are Definitely Changing!

  1. Great the conversation has started. The conversation needs to include the fact that some people have eczema caused by contact allergies. Essential oils can include allergens and make that type of eczema worse. In my case, these products would aggravate my eczema.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Yes, I agree. There are some many different internal and external factors that could trigger eczema and no two cases are alike.

      It’s all about trial and error when it comes to different products to use on the skin.

  2. HI ! Thanks so much for sharing this information! I want to share it on my Newsletter and Blog!

    I disagree with Ms. Levine when she says there is no cure for eczema. It is almost my lifes’ purpose to help others conquer their eczema.

    7 years ago when my daughter was a 6 month old, she was diagnosed with eczema. Though the patches weren’t terribly bad, steroids was her prescription. To make a long story short, After Aveeno Baby Lotion burned her skin, I created 2 products that Got Rid Of my daughters eczema, and they did it in 1 week. It is Derma Relief Oil ( stops itch on contact for most people) and Rescue Salve.
    You can find them on Cocolene.com .

    We hand make skincare with Organic ingredients and educate about the harmfulness of plastic, fragrance, pesticides and synthetics.

    It is awesome that at least the article exists! The conversation has started and we need to keep it going!

    1. Hi Sajata,

      Thanks so much for reading and weighing in.

      I love that you were able to get rid of your daughter’s eczema within a week. I’ve never heard of Derma Relief Oil and Rescue Salve I’ll have to check it out.

      I will say that remember every single case of eczema is different, especially the severity. As you mentioned your daughter’s “patches weren’t terribly bad,” but for those with severe eczema – there’s a high possibility of them not having a cure.

      While some do grow out of eczema, the unlucky ones like myself have lived with it for years, regardless of “several treatments.”

      Keep up the good word on making it your life’s purpose : ) to help others conquer their eczema.

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