VAND Shower Purifier – Filters pollutants, harmful minerals, chemicals, bacteria, and viruses

For anyone with sensitive skin, it might be time to look into your showerhead and filtration system. Having hard water can have lasting effects by elevating inflammation and dry skin.

A very innovative company called VAND is the first multi-purpose custom shower purifier. Working in two different stages, the VAND purifier filters harmful minerals, chemicals, plastic particles, bacteria, viruses. It then diffuses into your clean water the vitamins and minerals.

It’s also said to be great for sensitive skin, such as those with eczema as the water is soothing, and replenishes skin with minerals and vitamins.

When designing this purifier, they focused on creating an easy setup, so there’s no need to hire outside help for installation. Additionally, they’ve included a 3-second adjustable lock and re-lock method when changing the filters.

Although this product is not out on the market yet, you can sign up for their waitlist here –


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