Understand AD is a MOVEMENT!

I haven’t been this excited about eczema since….well NEVER. If you didn’t know, there’s a huge movement going on.


It’s happening, and it’s long over due. We finally have some heavy hitters in the eczema community who are extremely passionate and are utilizing their power for change!

If you missed my interview with BAFTA Award Winner Peter Moffat you can check that out here.

In honor of meeting Peter, I had to pay homage the best way I could… a movie trailer!!!

(watch out Wes Anderson)

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of attending a reenactment set where Peter walked us through the campaign he filmed for Understand AD.

Attendance Included –
– Lynya Floyd – Family Circle magazine
– Verena Hultsch – Board Certified Dermatologist & Medical Director, Sanofi and
– Vera Sweeney – Blogger at Lady and the Blog

This lets me know that people are talking. More importantly, they’re listening. The word is spreading and the more we talk about it, the sooner action can be taken to find a cure. 

In addition, we were accompanied by the wonderful National Eczema Association CEO Julie Block, who has been a leading pioneer.

Peter walked us through a typical day for someone suffering with atopic dermatitis. He read quotes from those filmed in the video below, as well as from Celebrity Chef Elizabeth Falkner.

Listening to Peter’s story was extremely inspiring. He went through great lengths trying to cover his eczema, only to embrace it after a friend from school wondered why he never disclosed his condition.

Peter’s been on a crusade to educate and raise awareness for atopic dermatitis and is going full steam ahead.

I want to give a Huge THANK YOU to Peter Moffat for his brilliant mind and using his influential platform.

Another huge THANK YOU to Chrissy and the Weber Shandwick staff for putting on an incredible event.


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