Topical Steroid Withdrawal & Red Skin Syndrome

Topical Steroid Withdrawal & Red Skin Syndrome

Anyone going through topical steroid withdrawal knows that it is indeed a hard knock life. I’m going through this right now and it is BRUTAL. Honestly, the pain is excruciating!!!! Probably the worse I’ve experienced in my life. 

I started taking topical steroids for my eczema at a young age. I can’t quite put my finger on the exact age. It was almost like a miracle drug back then because it worked. Short term of course, but that was good enough. Anything to temporally take away the itch was good in my book. Was it smart at the time?

That clip pretty much sums it up. 

I could have probably given Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money for the amount of steroids that I took. The doctors kept prescribing them and I kept applying them. It was either on my skin or took them orally. The steroids had a HORRIBLE side effect for me. I had weight gain (helloooo I was a chubby little bastard), thinning skin, swollen face, irritation, stretch marks, increased body hair and a slew of other things. 

I’m sure the doctors didn’t know at the time how this would effect patients in the long run. Although, it just makes me angry. There should have been more information and research going on. Eczema was and still is a neglected skin condition. Hopefully this will change!

What I’m living through right now is chronic pain. Anything that comes into contact with my skin feels like acid. This includes taking a shower, putting on pants, laying down on cotton sheets and pretty much anything else. Its also left me with an awesome case of insomnia as its too painful to sleep. My skin is highly inflamed, raw, in a vulnerable state and left with many scars. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone, not even my worst enemy and I don’t even have one (besides eczema of course).

When I saw this video below it was like an epiphany. I knew something was wrong with me but didn’t exactly know what. This video IS MY LIFE. From the moment the narrator says “This is Jane,” to the end where she says, “There is an answer, we want to help you find it.” I mean this video fits me to a T. It’s phenomenal and feels good to know that I’m not the only one going through this.

As I’m taking it day by day and researching natural cures and treatments I just pray that this will end very soon. I never want ANYONE to ever go through this. And unfortunately if you are, please please please reach out to someone. I promise you, you are not alone. Please watch the video for encouragement and inspiration

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