Top 20 Eczema Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2018

Over the weekend, the warm spring air finally engulfed the East Coast making it a quintessential spring day. And just as I thought nothing could top this perfect rosé all day weather, I checked my email to an unexpectedly surprising email.

I received an email from Anuj Agarwal the founder of Feedspot, congratulating me on making the Top 20 Eczema Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2018.


I was thrilled, to say the least!

The internet is filled with so much content, so to know that even one person reads my little blog means the world to me. Spreading awareness is my mission and I will continue to do so until there is a cure!

Congrats to my fellow eczema bloggers on the list:

  1. It’s an Itchy Little World 
  2. Our Eczema Story
  3. Eczema Life
  4. Battle Eczema I Never Quit, Be Active in Life! Fight Eczema
  5. Eczema I Reddit
  6. Prime Physique Nutrition
  7. Skin Friend
  8. Me
  9. What is Eczema Blog
  10. My Eczema Tales
  11. Beczema
  12. Kosmatology
  13. Eczema Honey Company
  14. Eczema Holistic Healing
  15. Eczema Healing 
  16. Nickel Food Allergy 
  17. Itchy Little Monkeys
  18. Diary of an Eczema Sufferer

Special thanks to Anuj Agarwal and the Feedspot Team for the recognition! Also, thank you kindly for allowing me to post a beautiful gold medal on my blog!!

Check out the feedspot link –

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