Tis’ The Season Lips Are Dry – Here Are The Best Lip Balms To Apply

As winter approaches, you’ll notice the moisture in the air slowly disappear (unless you live in a tropical climate). With less moisture our skin tends to dry out, which is a double whammy if you happened to have problematic skin (thanks eczema)!

In cold weather our lips tend to have a lot in common with the Keebler elves – Snap, Crackle, and Pop! If you find yourself constantly applying and reapplying chapstick, lip balms and everything else in between, you may be wondering what gives?

After reading The Best Lip Balm for 2017, I came across some really informative information that will be very helpful next time you reach for your go-to lip balm. For example, did you know the lip balm you’re applying could be doing more harm then good? This of course depends on the ingredients, some of which could be make your lips drier.

The researchers spent lots of time compiling a list of 177 lip balms. From this list, they narrowed it down to the top 25. The formula they focused on came down to, which lip balms have the simplist ingredients that can provide long lasting moisture.

The top 3 contenders based purely on ingredients, protection factor, and hydration were:

  1. Badgers Lip Balm Stick (Unscented) – simplest formula, last more than 4 hours, only 4 natural/organic ingredients <– best for sensitive lips
  2.  John Masters Organics Lip Calm – spa like feel, scented with citrus, 10 organic oils infused with beeswax, long lasting, not too glossy <– best for those who can handle scented lip balms and don’t mind splurging on lip care
  3. Vanicream Lip Protectant – SPF 30, water resistant <– best for spending time in the sun or swimming (up to 80 minutes)

The ingredients they avoided were; camphor, phenol, menthol and fragrant/dyes as these may cause irritation, sun-sensitivity and burning when applied to chapped lips.

Overall, next time you shop for your next go-to lip balm, consider the three crucial factors – ingredients, long-lasting factor and protection. As the article states, the simpler the label the better.

Fast Facts –

  • You can become addicted to lip balm
  • Its best to avoid flavored lip balms, that may encourage you to lick you lips
  • The more you use, the more you’ll want
  • Overuse could be a sign your allergic

For more information see the source below for a full in-depth analysis.
Source: https://www.reviews.com/lip-balm/

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