Theranos Documentary – The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

That less people have to say goodbye too soon to people they love ~ Elizabeth Holmes

I have to say 2019 has been the year of scandals! Personally, this particular one is the most petrifying especially when it could be a life or death situation, based on false claims.

As someone passionate about health conditions, learning about this company’s fraudulence is beyond immoral. Especially to those truly suffering making them easy targets. As a blogger who promotes and highlights products, services, etc. this is enlightening me on how I crucial due diligence is.

Elizabeth Holmes’ multi-billion-dollar company Theranos was slated to revolutionize healthcare. Instead, this company was led in “secrecy and fear” to override the scheme which could not scientifically back its blood- testing technology. But that didn’t stop her from raising around 700 million dollars!

There’s a lot to uncover with this scandal, it’s truly eye-opening all the articles mentioning how she was able to get away with it. And more importantly, how they played with so many lives and lost so much of the investors money.

You just have to see the trailer to believe it. And I highly recommend watching this, which comes out March 18th on HBO.

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