The Sun – Eczema & Psoriasis Creams Can Cause Clothes to Burst into Flames in Seconds

Wow! Although this is disturbing, it’s not too shocking.

The Sun came out with an article recently, expressing the dangers of emollient creams used on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Anglia Ruskin University did a study testing out different creams and fabrics. In their findings, a plain stripe of fabric lit up after 65 seconds. Unfortunately, fabric that has come into contact with an emollient cream only took 20 seconds.

This is important and should be noted that clothing with any greasy residue can be flammable!

“We were driven to carry out this work following a couple of tragic cases reported to us by Essex Fire and Rescue Service that were linked to fires and the use of emollients.” ~ Dr. Sarah Hall

Dr. Hall and her team are currently working on seeking out the specific ingredients that are causing this, in order to eliminate the potential risks.

The Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (UK) is officially calling for fire hazard warnings on all emollient creams.

“However, people should be aware that when using emollients they can come into contact with fabrics, clothing, bedding or bandages which then dries leaving a flammable residue.” ~ Chris Bell, Watch Manager

Eczema sufferers on emollient creams should avoid being around flames and smokers; as the results can range from a small burn to death.

Tragically there have been 50 deaths related to emollient creams in the UK. Now that researchers are spreading the word, hopefully people will understand the severity of residue from emollient creams and take extra precautions.

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