The Eczema Detox

Karen Fischer who’s based in Sydney, Australia is a nutritionist who daughter was diagnosed with eczema at the age of two. With her knowledge in nutritional biochemistry, she was able to navigate a diet and supplement based routine that helped her daughter’s eczema.

This book is geared towards all ages and will help you cut your chemical load, have a healthier liver and clear your skin.

You can read her inspiration for this book in her insta below –

📚 Receive a preorder discount when you order The Eczema Detox via Amazon before February 1st. 🌿 🌿 My personal experience with eczema began when my daughter Ayva developed eczema as a baby. She was so itchy. We tried topical steroids, eczema creams, allergy testing, we packed away her fluffy toys (because of dust mite allergy) and gave our cat to Grandma — and nothing worked. We were lucky a nurse told us about chemical sensitivity which led to the development of The Eczema Detox (and my earlier book The Eczema Diet). Ayva’s eczema cleared up and it led my nutrition work in a new direction. 🌿 🌿 The last 15 years working as a nutritionist helping people with eczema, psoriasis and TSW shaped the programs in the book. I have learnt so much from their struggles and triumphs and you can see their before & after photos via my other account (via the link in my bio) 🌿 🌿 My daughter no longer has eczema but we love the recipes so we use this cookbook everyday. I don’t see patients anymore — all my treatments are in the book — and we are committed to helping people with eczema so we offer tips and help at 🌿 🌿 Follow me & click on ‘Turn on post notifications’ on my home page for daily eczema tips and recipes.

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I must say the cover is absolutely stunning, and seems to be a good indicator of how delicious the recipes will be!

You can order your copy here: The Eczema Detox 

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