Teacher Hits 5-Year-Old with a Ruler, Later Blames Bruise on Eczema

“It was a rash. Her eczema was acting up.” ~ Excuse from Teacher

This story is really heartbreaking on so many different levels.

A beautiful 5-year-old girl was smacked with a ruler across her eye in a Memphis kindergarten classroom.

Due to this the girl suffered a minor infraction and was left with a bruise across her eye. When the student gave her account of things that happened, the teacher blamed her bruise on “eczema acting up.”

To cover up this incident, the teacher then applied an ointment to her eye WITHOUT PARENTAL PERMISSION.

When asked what the ointment is for, The teacher replied: “I’m not sure what it’s used for – healing or whatever.”

Really no words…

The girl was said to be in tears over this, and the teacher was back in the classroom within two weeks.

Thankfully the 5-year-old is now attending another Elementary school.

Stories like this just reinforce the ignorance, lack of understanding, and discrimination eczema patients face.

Source – https://www.fox13memphis.com/top-stories/-her-eczema-was-acting-up-memphis-teacher-denies-hitting-5-year-old-girl-in-the-eye-with-ruler/923039418

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