Sunscreen vs Sunblock – What You Should Know

Please Please Please where some form of protection. Skin cancer is very common and often does undetected. Regardless of melanin level EVERYONE should wear sunscreen or sunblock.


  • chemical – absorbs into the skin and absorbs UV rays to protect from the sun
  • Also, chemical uses chemical UV filters 
  • UVA – the A stands for aging
  • Prevents and repairs any longterm damage to the skin
  • Active ingredients such as avobenzene and oxybenzene
  • Most common to regular lotion


  • Physical – only use zinc and/or titanium as UV filters, preventing UV radiation from reaching the skin
  • Also, sunblock sits on top of the skin, reflecting UV rays away
  • Usually this is thicker then sunscreen, and can be opaque
  • UVB – the B stands for burning
  • More beneficial to preventing sunburn
  • Don’t have to apply as often as sunscreen
  • Tends to look white on skin

SPF = Sun Protection Factor. This is the amount (or around) of UV radiation it takes to burn your skin under the sun.

So which is better?
If you have sensitive skin, sunblock is the better option. Although, now companies are combining the two so you get the best of the both worlds.

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