Story Time | YouTubers Share Their Eczema Stories

There are TONSSSSS of YouTubers sharing their eczema stories, which is truly astonishing! This is something I will feature periodically on my blog, as I’m a slightly obsessed with stories and storytelling. Here are three incredibly brave storytellers expressing their journey battling eczema…

Name: Blessing
Story: In this video, Blessing talks about having eczema since the age of three, which has carried over into her adulthood. She mentions being stared at when she grabbed the pole on the train with her hands, where her eczema is located. In addition, she talks about overcoming and being happy with herself by not letting eczema define her.
Stand Out Quotes: “It’s not going anywhere, it is what it is” “…and not let things like a skin condition stop me from living life, from enjoying life, from being happy.” “I was very worried when I was younger about how men or boys will perceive my eczema”

Name: Mel
Story: Mel was born with eczema and used topical steroids all throughout her childhood and into adulthood. The results were – thinned skin, stunted growth and constant usage which has increased as she got older. She does a funny skit where she mimics her doctors when she expressed concern about her prolonged use of steroids. Mel decided to stop cold turkey in her early 20s and started seeing a naturopath, who told her to be a bit smarter with her lifestyle.
Stand Out Quotes: “Topical steroids were basically the only option back then. It’s what everybody had, its what everybody used.” “So I took it upon myself to try and heal myself.” “In my early 20s, I went off of steroids completely. Cold turkey. It affected my whole life. I suffered.”

Name: Rylee
Story: Rylee is full of life and funny as she talks about her contact dermatitis and how it affects her. She recalls a time when her grandparents sprayed their lawn with a pesticide and unbeknownst to her, she was rolling in it (technically down the hill) which caused a flare-up. Another instance when she experienced a really bad flare-up was when she went to Kings Island Amusement Park. After she put on a ton of sunscreen, she mentioned her whole body was covered in bumps which caused her to go to medical at the park. This resulted in her family having to leave early.
Stand Out Quotes: “My friends thought I had skin cancer… and they were like ‘we’re gonna plan your funeral!'”

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