Stanley’s Pharmacy Brings Back Ma and Pa Feeling

Stanley’s Pharmacy

Stanley George is known as a rockstar in the pharmacy world. He parents hail from Kerala, India and relocated to the Bronx, NY. In 1973 Stanley was born and his parents (like many strict Asian parents) wanted him to choose between a doctor, engineer or a pharmacist. Stanley had other plans, like many children growing up in America, he wanted to become a rockstar.

Luckily for him, he’s found a way of incorporating his rockstar dreams into the pharmacy world with his store Stanley’s Pharmacy in lower Manhattan. Launched in 2013, he added longed for the ma and pa style pharmacy where he offers health education and kombucha on tap!

I hope this style pharmacy becomes a trend. We shouldn’t have to resort to long lines in a franchise chain, where everyone is miserable because their insurance company doesn’t cover the medical cost. Or where the pharmacist act as robots (not all locations, but some barely look up at you).

Pharmacies should offer guidance and inform customers of the best options and how to lead healthier lives.

Check out Stan the Man.


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