SKINTELLI: The Ultimate Skincare Test

SKINTELLI uses the science of epigenetics to analyze the current quality of your skin and matches it to best-suited products from thousands of brands.

Now, this is interesting!

While I love going to stores and researching products online – this skincare test method could be a thing of the future. I admit that searching and testing out new products is overwhelming, so I can see how this particular skin test kit is really beneficial. It’s convenient and saves time.

Here’s some insight to how Skintelli works:

  • Skintelli is direct-to-consumer
  • personal epigenetic test
  • discovered the best-matched skincare products on the market for your type of skin
  • it works by using next-generation sequencing DNA
  • assess on an epigenetic level, not for “glamorous” reasons
  • results will be matched to the best products and ingredients on the market for your skin (including indie brands)

There are 8 key quality indicators that this test focuses on:

Aging – Firmness & Elasticity – Moisture Retention – Sun Protection – Skin Rejuvenation – Sensitivity Response – Anti-Oxidation – Pigmentation

Once you purchase the kit, you’ll take out the adhesives and place them on your skin for around two minutes. The process is pain-free and allows skin samples to be collected. After two minutes, you place the adhesives in the tubes and back off to the lab they go.

Not a bad concept. I wonder if they’re planning on expanding to dermatologist offices and hospitals?


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