Skinfix Eczema Line

I remember a few years ago seeing this brand called Skinfix popping up on shelves in stores. It was something you couldn’t miss, with its bright color and consumer friendly logo.

However, I didn’t know much about the company itself. This led me to do a google search where I was COMPLETELY inspired by everything I read.

Meet Skinfix CEO Amy Gordinier-Regan

For those of you that didn’t watch this incredibly inspiring animation, just know that Amy Gordinier-Regan is true a visionary. After she met with Karen Warner (the original creator, who used her great-great grandfather recipe) and used the balm on her daughter eczema, she was hooked. From that point on, she completely transformed Skinfix into the Award Winning natural skincare line that it is today.

Before we get started, can we all just admire the GORGEOUS packaging! Seriously, A+ in my book. Usually when you have sensitive skin and look for solutions in the store, the product is in a generic box and the packaging screams ‘LOOK AT ME, I HAVE SKIN PROBLEMS.’

Not with Skinfix! Their beautiful bold blue packaging is very inclusive for those that suffer from eczema, or have extremely dry skin.

Skinfix Soothing Eczema Collection was created to target eczema flare-ups and is a great natural alternative to ‘prescribed medicine.’ It is completely fragrance free (which is labeled in bright blue), has three active natural ingredients that are FDA approved to help target the infected areas. By leaving out sulphates, parabens and phthalates Skinfix was able to successfully formulate natural ingredients to heal and repair damaged skin.

The Skinfix Eczema Balm is just that… the BOMB. Seriously, I just tested it out. Now, I don’t have a flare-up right now, so I will test this out again to see how it measures up.

This balm can also be used if you have a bug bite, chafing or any other irritate to your skin. It helps lock in moisture by keeping your skin sealed.

Next we have the Extra Strength Soothing Body Cream, thats accepted by the National Eczema Association. They even have it labeled on the package. This extra strength cream includes sweet almond oil, colloidal oatmeal, oat oil and oat extract. It’s said to provide a deep hydration and lasting protection with moringa oil and shea butter.

Then there’s the Hand Repair Cream. With the holidays coming up, I will be in the kitchen more often and my hands are prone to break out and crack. The ingredients in this include aloe, calendula extract, shea butter and emollient protective oils of jojoba. Its no wonder why this is an Award Winner.

Lastly, we have the Soothing Wash, which is also labeled with an NEA acceptance and a 98% natural sticker. This wash is mild, sulfate-free and gentle on the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

You can find out more about Skinfix Soothing Eczema Collection below…

A HUGE thank you to Nic from Skinfix for being incredibly gracious!

*Disclosure – Skinfix has kindly gifted me free products, which are featured in the post.

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