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Skin Scoop

1. Battling Eczema Journey to healing

To put it in context, I fought cancer twelve years ago and that was an easier battle to fight, then this eczema with our kids. – Quote from Documentary (at 1:12 mark)

This story is so familiar to my own, I just had to show it. It features a family of four where two children suffered from eczema since the age of six months. They’ve seen numerous doctors who all gave advice that didn’t seem to get them anywhere. The two boys had to be carried around, have teachers write for them (because the eczema was too painful) and had difficulty sleeping because of discomfort. Watch the rest to find out more.

2. How Chronic Pain Made Me A Stronger Person – 

For many years, my identity became that pain. “I have (fill in the blank) and can’t do that.” It was the “reason” I gave for not being able to go places, chase my dreams, live out my goals. It’s easy to get to that place – Quote from article

No Pain No Gain has to be one of the worse mantra’s I’ve ever heard in my life. Seems like something they came up with to screw people over that suffer. Speaking of suffering I read a story about a woman who had a tough life growing up, only for it to become tougher. This isn’t a skin related story but its still peeked my interest as she’s plagued with chronic pain. Read her story here

3. 20 Healthy Foods That Will Give You Ever Nutrient You Need
Food is so simple, yet so complicated. See if you already eat some of these healthy foods.

4. #InMySkinIWin
Great message –

5. Eczema Triggers Lurking In Your House! Be afraid, be very very afraid!

*Disclaimer – Cancer is VERY serious and I am in not way, shape or form comparing it to eczema. It was just a quote the guy used to describe his frustration wit eczema. 

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