Skin Scoop

Skin Scoop

1. This is a very interesting but sad story. A family in Mexico suffer from a rare disorder called hypertrichosis that covers their bodies in thick black fur. They are constantly bombarded with strangers taking their photos, name calling and being shunned by their own town. The children stated that it would be hard to reproduce because they wouldn’t want their offspring to endure the constant cruelty of others. Take a look at the documentary (trailer) below as it follows Chuy the “Wolf Man” and is family. 

2. Food that helps fight inflammation = priceless. Check out 56 of them 

3. Do you forget to put on sunscreen? This video will make you think twice. 

4. Namaste is sooooooo cliché! But if it can help my skin I’ll do whatever they say! 

5. Just like an addiction to gambling, eczema is expensive! Here are some products to help with that. Two of my favorites happened to make this VIP list. (Cetaphil and Aquaphor) 

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