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Skin Scoop
Skin Scoop

// Milk Made From Peas…Is the Latest New Craze \\
Forget skim milk, 2% milk and even almond milk… checkout Ripple Milk

// 7 Things Cortisone Injections Can Do \\
THIS ARTICLE IS MISLEADING! Especially the eczema part… what they don’t tell you is what happens when you become addicted to cortisone injections. Or even perhaps when you’re taken off cortisone. BUYER BEWARE!!! I really can’t stand articles like this, especially as someone who’s lived through hell coming off of cortisone shots.

// Personalized Juice Prescriptions, may be a thing of the future \\
Data Detox is a new concept where experts curate 6 organic juices – that cater to dietary deficiencies in NYC and LA. Read more about it here

// Dry Skin Brushing \\
Stimulates blood, eliminates toxics, great exfoliant. Watch here

// Chemical-Free Cleaning Wipes For Your Home \\

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