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Skin Scoop

// Girl On Fire \\

Quote – It affects everything in my life. It’s all consuming and it’s just maddening to be constantly burning alive – it’s hell on earth. ~ Samara Rose Ingraffia

Samara Rose Ingraffia 25, from Michigan suffers from an extremely rare condition that was passed down from her father called erythromelalgia. Another name for this is condition is Man on Fire syndrome. This poor woman has skin that literally feels like its on fire or as if she was dealing with second degree burns. As if this isn’t bad enough, she also suffers from Renauld’s syndrome. This means that the weather dramatically affects her skin.

Samara has been suffering from the age of nine and had visited over 100 doctors before she was properly diagnosed. My heart goes out to her because this is truly awful. Watch her story below.

// 9 Must Have Drinks For Great Skin \\

  1. Soy Milk – great for bone health and skin.
  2. Green Tea – lots of antioxidants, protest skin agains harsh UV rays, decreases inflammation and redness.
  3. Matcha Green Tea – Better than regular green tea. Contains 10x more antioxidants
  4. Pomegranate Juice – lots of antioxidants
  5. Green Juces with Kale – Contains vitamin A, promotes healthy skin growth
  6. Carrot Juice – Gives your skin a natural glow
  7. Almond Milk – Rich in Vitamin E, B2 and B3
  8. Red Wine – Has antioxidants and may prevent certain types of cancers
  9. Detox Tea – Helps supplement your water intake instead of drinking soda and other bad drinks and helps with radiant skin.

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// Voga \\

Voguing + Yoga = Voga! Check. It. Out.

// Eczema Advice \\

Awesome eczema tips!!  Check out this article.

// U.S. is banning mircobeads in beauty products \\

Example: Wash face with microbead scrub —> rinse off product in sink —> absorbs chemicals when it goes down the drain pipes —> fish mistake these beads for food —> same fish is caught and served at you local store or in a restaurant.

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