Skin Scoop

Skin Scoop

// Cosmopolitan highlights Amazing Women With Skin Conditions \\

Woooooohooooooo!!! Love this. Finally magazines are covering women who have skin conditions in a positive light. Cosmopolitan did a feature on these truly stunning women who happen to have skin conditions and aren’t afraid to show it. This is a must read. check it out!!

// Problems With DIY Skin Care Recipes \\

I found this to be really helpful. I’m learning more about homemade skincare and see a range of different things. So after watching Rachael Portillo’s video, I learned a great deal about what to use and what to use.

For example, comedogenic oils are pore clogging oils such as coconut or olive oils. In addition salt, sugar, baking soda and apple cider vinegar can all be pore clogging. They may be great for certain skin types but not for all, despite being natural ingredients. I believe the moral of the story is to be careful when doing your research on making natural skincare products.

To see the other 3 reason, watch below

// 7.5 = Number Of Times Doctors Are Contacted By Drug Companies \\

TBH, this isn’t shocking. Its pretty sad and Americans need to wake up. As someone who took topical steroids for years, I wish I knew the harmful effects that it would have on me for the long run. Please Please PLEASE do your research on all medications. Document your side effects. When in doubt, go with your gut instincts on medications.

// Hair Tie Causes Infection \\

Scary that a hair tie can cause this bad of an infection.

// Sore Throat? \\

Stop buying medicine and start making it yourself. Yes, you can actually heal yourself by making your own remedies. April’s DIY cold remedies was featured in my Holiday Gift Guide but I figured I should post it again. I love the idea of making your own medicine, this way you know all the ingredients going into your body. Check out her DIY video below.

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