Skin Scoop

Skin Scoop [warning]Extreme[/warning]

1. As you know I love different cultures and rituals. When I came across this video I thought it was really interesting and was curious to see why they had sharp objects piercing their skin. It just goes to show that skin is truly remarkable. Regardless of what type of skin you’re given it really is amazing.

So after researching this, I found out that there is a festival in Thailand that celebrates vegetarianism. Devotees show support by passing sharp spikes and other objects through their skin to shift evil spirits. Love seeing how other countries celebrate their customs and rituals. Find out more here –

2.  – Things like this REALLY PISS ME OFF!

3. Eating health is a must for clear skin. Although its easier said then done. Here are 6 foods to help with that.

4. If you’re a baker, you know that baking soda is KEY to use when cooking. But did you know it’s also good for beauty? Check out 12 ways baking soda can help your beauty routine.,,20904678,00.html

5. Wow! The transformations are insane. Take a look at these women who struggle with severe acne and what makeup they used to transform their faces.

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