SKIN II – Bacteria Weaved Clothing

 “I was concerned about the chemicals used in certain fabric finishes and skincare products that can be toxic to the skin and body.”

When Rosie Broadhead and Christopher Callewaert got together, they collaborated on the future. The future of clothing. Rosie is a Central Saint Martins graduate and Christopher is a microbiologist.

Their SKIN II project focuses on integrating live bacteria into clothing fiber using probiotic technology. By placing the probiotic bacteria in parts of the skin that produce the most sweat and odor. These places include the armpits, forearms, chest area, and sides of the torso.

“Invisible to the naked eye, our bodies play host to millions of microorganisms,” the designer explained. “Optimal skin conditions depend on the probiotic microbes that live on our bodies.”

The concept came from using what we naturally have, bacteria and incorporating it into clothing to function better. As our skin protects us from germs, the microorganisms work to keep us healthy.

Unfortunately, because of our polluted environment, and obsessiveness with cleanliness, it becomes difficult for beneficial organisms to survive.

Once the bacteria is activated, it’s said to encourage cell renewal, reduce body odor, improve the skins immune system, and overall promote healthier bacteria growth. This would be great for eczema and all severe skin conditions.

And while this concept is still in the development stage, I think skin microbiome clothing is the future!


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