Skin Creams Containing Paraffins Linked To Hundreds of Deaths

“This girl is on FIREEEEEEEEEEEEE…” literally! Ya know, I’ve always said living with eczema/psoriasis is like a living heLL… welp!

A new study came out about skin creams containing paraffins that have been linked to deaths. (ummmm WHAAAAATTTTTT)

Fire services warned – anything absorbed in creams containing paraffins (bedsheets, clothing, bandages) can become flammable! It is reported that hundreds of deaths in the UK were causes by the highly flammable ingredient, paraffins due to heat exposure.

So what exactly is paraffin?

Well, it comes in many forms, but in the case of skin creams, it acts as a moisturizing agent that’s a highly refined mineral oil.

*Fun Fact – paraffin wax comes from the bottom of the oil barrel (yes, its the reject oil) that is then dyed white with bleach and combined with a few more ingredients. It is then molded into a wax candle filled with toxins. Think – when you burn a candle and there’s black smoke that comes out, as if there looking for a new Pope. The reality is that black smoke is soot and pretty bad to inhale. Not to mention it turns your walls a different color too!

Due to the influx of paraffin based products, fire departments couldn’t keep tabs on the number of deaths. Although they estimate in the hundreds. What they do know that most of these products ARE NOT labeled with warning or safety signs.

Overall, they state the creams/lotions with paraffins are “supposedly safe” to use, if they are not in contact with anything flammable or soaked into any fabrics, near cigarettes etc.. Which would mean they probably aren’t too safe. Either way, its a warning to all to be careful and mindful of what you use on your skin.

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